Sunday, 27 March 2016

March Favourites

March has been a busy busy month for me, and I can't wait for April to come! Between going shopping for clothes, trying on new makeup looks, catching up on some reading and experiencing a ton of Scottish food specialties, I can say I have really enjoyed these 31 days. Below is a list of my favourites of this March, hope you enjoy it!

1. Shirt with pleated back, ZARA

For a long time I had been looking for a simple white shirt with a classic collar, yet with a little detail that would make the difference. A white shirt is a basic item to have in your wardrobe, so you'd better love the one you pick! That is why I waited patiently to come across a shirt I would love wearing, whose shape, style and material I couldn't get tired of. And this happened in Zara, quite often these days I must say... When I caught sight of it in the shop I instantly knew it was the one, although the only slight disappointment was that it belonged to the Trafaluc section (which I am not really a fan of). But once in the fitting rooms, I couldn't resist its asymmetrical hem, the fact that it is longer in the back, and the detailing of the so feminine pleated back and sleeves. Love at first sight. Leaves me feeling like a drowsy Holly Golightly opening the door to Paul Varjak

Saturday, 12 March 2016

How to Pick the Perfect Foundation

Who hasn’t spent hours (and money) trying to find the perfect foundation? The one that brings the perfect glow to your skin, not too cakey, not too orange or too pale or too dark, not too heavy but which still has a good coverage and lasts all day? I am convinced that speaks to you. I hate when I try a new one on and the shade doesn't turn out as I expected it to be. After one more weary miss, I decided it was time for me to invest in a higher quality one and to receive some pieces of advice by skincare and makeup experts on which shade would suit me best. 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Evening Skincare Routine

Bonsoir ! After I introduced my morning skincare routine (here), I thought I’d give my evening pamper a go. Removing my makeup used to be a bore – something I shouldn’t forget to do before I went to bed at the risk of having a breakout the following day and my pillow stained with mascara. Now that I know how important that is, I feel I have improved my skincare routine a lot for the past year. My beauty shelf is filled with products which really work for my skin, although yesterday I came to the conclusion that one of my cleansers was too aggressive to my skin during the winter time so there's still room for improvement. I also tend to gradually invest in high-quality products, my purchases becoming more pricey but within reason – so both my skin and bank account are benefitting greatly from this. I keep in mind that there’s no point in buying expensive makeup if my skincare is not adapted: the greater my skin looks, the less coverage my foundation needs to have – and I am a natural glowy looking skin enthusiast.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February Beauty and Non-Beauty Favourites

February has been a month of craving for beauty products - which I put my hands on - and a wish to adapt myself to a new lifestyle. I found joy in little things, and these made up for matter little worries along the road! I loved hovering over a cup of tea in my white sheets, wearing my favourite jumper and a pair of downy socks, painting my nails a light springy pink and browsing through Pinterest for best style picks. Add a spoon of delicious coffee shops and restaurant discoveries and you'll know how my February went by! 
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