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New In: My Beauty Picks For Spring

Flowers Bourjois Stila Mac

Spring has definitely settled, which as a result made me feel like wearing lighter colours and adapting my makeup looks accordingly. I made a few beauty purchases over the last month that I love wearing on a daily basis. Some are recent launches whilst others are classics - I hope you'll enjoy my new beauty picks (and mini-reviews) for spring! 

1. City Radiance Foundation, BOURJOIS

Bourjois is a French brand whose quality I really trust, so when they released a new beauty range I thought I'd give some a go. In fact, I was looking for a light glowy foundation that had a high SPF in it for when I'll be visiting Rome next month, so the City Radiance foundation and its cute light pink packaging caught my eye (I am also never disappointed by Bourjois on this matter). This skin protecting foundation promises a brightening effect along with a fresh and even complexion, which it completely holds! My skin looks really glowy and healthy thanks to its radiance-boosting pigments. Even though it is not cakey, I still would advise to apply it with a beauty sponge or a buffing brush in order to get a very natural finish. The formula of this sheer base makes it easy to blend, the texture is very nice, the coverage builds up relatively easily as well and is long-wearing. Further to that, I must say I enjoy wearing it all day long because it is really comfortable on the skin. What definitely finishes off is its anti-pollution screen and its SPF 30, in a nutshell what I had been on the lookout for; and surprisingly enough, shade Vanilla exactly corresponds to my skin tone and as a result enhances the natural finish. I would recommend the range for people with normal and dry skin as it leaves mine completely moisturised. I can confirm that's all I'll be wearing alongside a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream till September comes.

2. Radiance Reveal Concealer, BOURJOIS

The Radiance Reveal concealer belongs to the same range as the City Radiance Foundation. Although it says it corrects and illuminates, I'd say it only respects the second point: all in all, it doesn't conceal much but is a great product to brighten up your face and attracts the light. The lighter shade Ivory goes pretty well with the foundation in shade Vanilla. The fact that it apparently contains Mont Blanc glacier water appears quite impressive - one of the purest waters in the world, correct me if I'm wrong - and above all hyaluronic acid, perfect to smooth the area around my eyes. It gives a very plump and healthy effect to the skin and I am a great fan of this; I wouldn't pick this one up again when looking for a concealer though.

Stila In the Light Palette

3. 'In The Light' Eye Shadow Palette, STILA

The eye shadow palette 'In The Light' includes 10 gorgeous neutral tones suitable for all skin tones and for any occasion and a smudge stick waterproof eye liner in dark brown shade Damsel. This palette is everything I've been looking for - no exaggeration here. I am a huge fan of nude makeup looks and the great majority of the shades are wearable on a daily-basis. Six are slightly glittery whereas four are completely matte, while they can be mingled together evenly. Two of them may even be used as highlighters (whitish kitten and golden bubbly), which alongside the eye liner makes the palette very extensive and multi-purpose. I find the eye-liner difficult to apply though, and I must be very careful to get that mini wing right the first time because it does not move. Its dark brown colour remains a perfect complement to the palette shades, which are fairly pigmented and blendable. You can really tell the palette is a high-quality one. My favourite combinaisons are the trios bare-bubbly-sandstone (warm) or bliss-kitten-sunset/luster (cool) depending on my mood of the day. For a more elaborate look, I think night sky is a stunning shade to use, especially paired with Runway Hit by MAC. And you know what's even more amazing? It is currently discounted at £12,50 instead of £25 on Stila's website in the clearance sales. You're welcome. 

Mac Runway Hit Retro Matte

4. 'Runway Hit' lipstick, MAC 

Love at first sight when I watched a MAC haul video by I Covet Thee - I immediately knew it would be the next Mac completing my small collection. The retro matte lipstick Runway Hit is the most perfect peachy matte shade I have ever seen - it wasn't available in store so I had to purchase it on the internet, but fortunately it translated very well on my complexion when I applied it. Perfect for spring and summer; worn with a grey eye makeup or a coral blush, it brightens up and lift my face to such an extent that I look more tanned and healthy (Mac's magic you know). I do apply a little bit of lip balm underneath, although I have the impression that the formula is less drying on my lips than other matte Mac shades. I would totally recommend it if you're looking for a coral matte lipstick. This one is the

What about yours lovelies, what are your favourite beauty products to use this spring?



  1. I love Stila eyeshadows: the shades are to die for, the shadows are very pigmented and they blend beautifully!

    I want to buy every foundation Bourjois does but it really doesn't work for me (breaks me out, wrong shades)!

    At the moment, I absolutely love my L'Oréal Color Riche lipstick by Naomi & my Nars Orgasm blush! x

    1. Such a shame that Bourjois bases don't work for you! As for the limited amount of shades they offer I understand that can be a problem. That's why I was surprised one suited me well! I'll definitely have a look at L'Oréal lipstick range :) bisous !

  2. Oh wow I love the look of that Stila 'In The Light' palette. I've wanted a Stila palette for a while now but I have trouble justifying buying another neutral shadow palette...

    1. I know this palette is so beautiful! Honestly this one is really worth the hype - and half price at the moment so no need to hesitate 😋

  3. I have that palette stuck in a drawer and completely forgot about it - it's so pretty! I need to pull it back out for spring!!

    She Likes to Shop

    1. Oh definitely! I'm sure you won't put it back in the drawer again ;)

  4. Your photography is absolutely beautiful, in fact your whole blog is, obsessed!!!

    I love that Stila palette it's one of my favourites, the shades are just gorgeous. I really like the sound of that mac lipstick too, adding that one to my wish list!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Thank you so much Sally it means a lot to me! ❤️
      Yes the shades are stunning. You definitely shouldn't resist to this lipstick it is so good!

  5. I always walk towards BOURJOIS products but never end up with buying one.

    1. Well they're not the best on the market but definitely worth trying once or twice, you could be surprised :)


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