Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nailed It

A good manucure is a detail which makes the difference in an outfit, especially when it's neatly done. I usually paint my nails two to three times a week for it to be always flawless (or intend to). I've been wearing the Varnish Care duo kit by Essie that has become my go-to basic for months now, and recently fallen in love with a bunch of nudes and reds, so beautiful I realize I don't feel like wearing anything else! So I thought I'd do a short blog post on nail polish because well, why not? 

As a first step, applying a base is essential to protect the nail and prevent staining from very pigmented nail polishes (reds and darks): it makes removing your nail polish easier and applying a nude for example after a burgundy colour possible. 

Secondly, the nail polish! The colour I'll apply depends on my mood, the time of the week and also - when I've got the time to think about it - the outfits I plan to wear the following days. During the week, I dress quite formal for work and stick to my nudes and light pinks, whereas during the weekend I like to pump it up with more striking colours such as reds and corals for spring summer time - dark blues and burgundy for autumn winter. Of course these are not rules I impose myself, but rather what I noticed I tend to wear most of the time. On the nude side, my favourites of the moment are amazing gracie by Ciaté and pink lemonade by Barry M - but my real favs belong to the Ciaté x Olivia Palermo collection: nantucket is a haute vacation coral I'm going to wear a lot this summer, hutch is the perfect red for any season, and napa valley is a deep burgundy which will end up being my fall favourite. Their formula has specially been formulated to prolonge wear while strengthening the nails and providing a super glossy, plump finish. I can't wait to put my hands on new england fall and  sundays! (and basically on the whole makeup collection - working on it.) Another recent launch I have been loving is the range Color Riche à l'Huile by L'Oréal Paris, especially rubis folies. Various hues are available, although I am not convinced by the nudes - the more pigmented, the prettier the nail polishes of this range are in my opinion. I think the formula is as good as any high end ones, and so far rubies folies is the nail polish that lasts the longest on my nail among my collection! Don't forget to apply two coats. 

Then, finish off with a top coat of your choice. Add some moisture to your hands and cuticles and you'll have a perfect manucure! My hands are super dry so it is always a challenge to keep them moisturised - at the moment I'm using a hand cream by Nivea but my life saver is the Instant Nail and Cuticle Care with Camelia Oil by Sephora. 

What about you, what are your favourite nail polish shades? What are your favourite brands?



  1. Love the coral shade, nude colours are always hit and miss for me, it's rare that II find one that's opaque without being streaky :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Same problem! The opaque ones by Barry M are very good though x

  2. The coral shade is to die for! Lovely pictures :)

  3. I love essie polishes personally and also a few of the Nails Inc shades. Props to you for painting your nails often and always keeping them looking nice, I haven't painted my nails in a while because I just got tired of removing the polish each time!

    1. Essie's really are good, and it is true that Nails Inc shades are both gorgeous and high quality (I got one as a sample once). Well it requires some effort put into it haha but during the summer I admit I don't follow these rules that tightly haha

  4. Love the coral shades - definitely perfect for Spring/summer!


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