Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Body Shop Favourite Skincare Picks

I have added a few the Body Shop skincare products to my collection recently - I had run out of night cream and makeup remover and wanted to give the Body Shop's a try. Now that I have got a fair amount of the brand's products in my possession, I'd thought I would talk about my top three. I don't know which skincare products are on sale at the moment but end of July might well be the right moment to fancy a mini-haul before the sales end!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne ∙ Review

Bonjour ! Today's post is about a long-craved for perfume by Jo Malone, the quintessentially British brand. I had indeed wanted to put my hands on one of her creations for years now, but as Jo Malone is only sold in France in Paris and that I wished to smell the fragrances before purchasing one, I needed to find myself in the UK again to have access to one of their boutiques. These are so sophisticated and elegant that it is a pleasure to amble along the glass counters; don't hesitate to venture there instead of buying online, because being advised on what would suit our personality and personal taste when it comes to fragrances truly is a nice luxury experience. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Roman Holiday

b u o n g i o r n o !

I have been willing to write a blog post on my trip to Rome for a couple of weeks but I lived so many experiences and visited so many places there that strangely, I can't seem to manage to break them down into different posts. So grab yourself a ristretto or a squisito macchiato and be ready to peruse what's coming below - I hope you'll enjoy reliving my journey as I set my words down on this page.

I had the chance to hop on a plane from north-east Scotland to the Eternal City to meet my friends Alexia, currently living there, and Fred, who was arriving directly from Budapest (encourage your friends to do their internship in more exotic places than yours, it's always a good idea). We decided to spend a small week together in June to make the most of our lives alongside pizza, gelato and pasta. I was feeling a bit down before leaving and desperately in need of some sun, so all I wanted was to have fun and laugh as much as I could; and it obviously panned out. As soon as I got down the train at Roma Tuscolana from Fiumicino airport, the closest railway station to Alexia's, I knew la dolce vita would be mine for the following days.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Favourites

Bonjour ! The first half of June has been pretty amazing for me; second half not as good but I'll just accentuate the positive and choose to remember the best (positive mindset training on). It's peony season, I fell in love with Rome, and I think I've found my favourite perfume... You know, that sort of good things. Although I can't really say a proper summer has settled yet, the weather is substantially warmer, the days are longer, and that makes a real difference. The sky is still clear when I go to bed, whilst the sun has already risen whatever hour of the day I wake up at (hello happy mornings!). But enough with the rambling now, below are my favourites of this month ♡
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