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The Body Shop Favourite Skincare Picks

I have added a few the Body Shop skincare products to my collection recently - I had run out of night cream and makeup remover and wanted to give the Body Shop's a try. Now that I have got a fair amount of the brand's products in my possession, I'd thought I would talk about my top three. I don't know which skincare products are on sale at the moment but end of July might well be the right moment to fancy a mini-haul before the sales end!

1. Vitamin E ∙ night cream 

This night cream is actually a repurchase - I had found it in the duty free sales at the airport last year, and as it was so reduced I didn't hesitate for long. I'm glad I did, because it has become my favourite night cream ever! The new version came with a new packaging that for me doesn't make much of a difference, but it is what's inside that makes it interesting. When it comes to the formula, the creamy texture is very rich, yet my dry skin absorbs it easily. I would recommend not going to bed directly though, as it still needs some time to penetrate the skin. Since I've been using it, mine is definitely softer, plumper and moisturised, and I have no dry patches when I wake up. The Vitamin E range works particularly well for my dry-combination skin, so I complement my night cream with the Overnight Serum-in-Oil if I need extra-moisture (autumn/winter season only, otherwise my skin would be too greasy with these two products combined in the summer time). Although I love the regular day cream of the range, I was a bit disappointed by the Aqua Boost Sorbet day cream - it doesn't seem to moisturise my skin as much and I don't really like the texture. If you're looking for a new hydrating night cream, there you go.

2. Tea Tree ∙ Blemish Fade Night Lotion

This tea tree night lotion is a life-saver when you are prone to blemished skin. I mean it. Whenever my forehead becomes less smooth because of my diet, a change in temperatures or whatever, I use a tiny amount of this gel for a couple of nights and my skin instantly becomes clearer-looking. What I particularly appreciate is its non-agressive formula - designed for oily skin, it perfectly works for combination skins like mine as well. Apparently, Tamanu oil is reputed to help generate new tissue and improve the healing process for skin, and I do think I can confirm this! I tend to use this product every other week so it keeps its efficiency; I found it doesn't work as well if used on a daily-basis. If you have blemished skin don't hesitate to give this tea tree range a try.

3. Camomile ∙ Silky Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil had been on my wish list for a while, but I could never convince myself to spend £11 on a makeup remover whilst there are excellent micellar waters available on the market. There was a 3 for 2 offer on skincare products though, so as I went for the Vitamin E night cream and the Aqua Boost Sorbet day cream it was the perfect opportunity to pick it up (for free). I had never tried an oil-based cleansing product but this one definitely convinced me. I usually press one pump in my palm and gently remove my makeup with my hands, insisting on my mascara and massaging it on to my face. In a few seconds, the cleansing oil gets rid of my makeup and invisible city dust very easily. Thanks to its camomile extracts (from Norfolk, England), it leaves my skin really soft, softer than with a micellar water. I really like the fact that I can just use my hands to use it (even though you could use cotton pads or a cloth). I think that I would re-purchase it when I have got a bit of extra-savings on the side, because this cleansing oil really is a nice and efficient product to use!

All in all, I really like The Body Shop products in general, especially the Vitamin E range. A few products have disappointed me in the past but I don't think you can be with these three best sellers! Plus, depending on the nature of your skin, you have the possibility to pick up different products from different ranges to create your perfect skincare routine. Half of mine is composed of TBS products, so maybe I'm a little bit influenced haha! 

Don't hesitate to let me know what is your favourite The Body Shop product in the comments below, I'd love to discover extra gems! :)



  1. The tea tree night lotion sounds really good, I think the non-aggressive formula means that this would probably work really well on my skin as well. My skin isn't really sensitive but at the same time it can react really badly to some things, if that makes sense? Actually it's kind of more like I have certain areas of my face that are sensitive and then others parts aren't!

    1. It is really good indeed. I can guarantee that it is not too harsh otherwise I couldn't be using it. Yes that makes sense! I think we may have kind of the same skin type. x

  2. I love the teatree fade lotion I used to use it but for some reason stopped, not sure why because it works wonders!

    Lauren x |

    1. Yes that's strange! But as long as we know we must not use it everyday it's fine I suppose :) x

  3. I love the body shop - they are some amazing products and I struggle to find skincare products that suit my temperamental skin! I have the tea tree oil for blemishes and it works amazingly - love the sound of the fade lotion, sounds like it would be a great addition to my routine. I've iust discovered your blog and I just wanted to say it's amazing! Love your photography and content :)

    Amy |

    1. You're welcome Amy, I totally agree with you on the tea tree range! Thank you so much for the compliment it means a lot ☺️ x

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