Sunday, 29 January 2017

5 Tips to Optimise your Time

Although I've always considered myself as a quite organised person, I've recently had to reassess the way I arrange my life after I realised I kept running after time whilst I had plenty. I have had to find means to optimise my time to do everything I have to do during the day, which both includes finding a way to be more productive and cutting off on useless time-consuming activities. Due to the digital society and speed to which everything goes nowadays it is also essential to find time to relax (for real) and stop feeling constantly breathless. If you're reading this post, chances are you're an organisational freak or someone completely disorganised in need of some tips. Or maybe somewhere in the middle. In any case, I'd thought I share a bit of my experience in terms of organisation with you!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Reflections on One Year of Blogging

Here we are, Bonjour White is one year-old! 

For the occasion I've been thinking about what blogging means to me, and put into perspective the good and bad sides of being a blogger on a daily basis. I've also had the opportunity to witness my own progress in terms of content and photography - which is quite encouraging. Bloggers among you will know the huge amount of effort having a blog implies and a reminder that your work pays off and is up to your expectations at some point is indeed a very satisfying reward.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bonjour 2017

Now 2017 is ten days in and it's high time to put 2016 challenging hurdles aside only to remember personal achievements and happy memories. I've come to ponder the lessons 2016 brought up through difficult times so that they serve me (keeping in mind this pinteresty quote going either you win either you learn) to shape a whole new bucket list and recapture my natural optimism. I still need objectives to set, projects to undertake, trips to plan. But this year, I don't forget the unexpected: let's be honest, how boring life would be then? It often made me happy beyond borders over the past year. I'm also all for spontaneity and daring more.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

What 2016 Taught Me

Contrary to a lot of people and bloggers around here the year that just ended a week ago has not been to best to me (and to the world in general but that's another matter). Although I constantly kept my optimism up as much as possible while keeping my feet firmly on the ground, some events made this positive thinking more difficult. Now with a bit of perspective I am able to rewind the film back and reflect on what turned uncomfortable times into valuable lessons and perk up to begin 2017 with a fresh start.
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