Saturday, 30 September 2017

Two Days in Naples

I’ve been living in Rome for three months now, and because there is so much to see in the eternal city I hadn’t taken the time to book myself a weekend away to another Italian city. Therefore I decided to go on a trip to Naples with a friend of mine who had not visited the city yet. We literally did it last minute: we booked a room two days before the departure and bought train tickets the day before we left. And because it is southern Italy, we didn’t even spend a lot of money (a return ticket from Rome on the fastest train cost us 35€). Obviously although we hadn’t planned anything or spent any time looking for what to do there, we were incredibly excited to find out what Naples had to offer. It turned out we got plenty of information on where to go to enjoy delicious Neapolitan food thanks to acquaintances of ours on our way…

Thursday, 14 September 2017

La vie en Rouje

As you’ve probably noticed on my Instagram or my previous post on influencers (here), I’ve been smitten by Jeanne Damas for more than a year now. Her fashion sense and lifestyle in Paris have became an obvious stream of inspiration to me. There is just something about them - maybe the fact than she seems able to recreate a Paris from the 70s than doesn’t exist anymore, enhancing the idea of a perfect city exuding la joie de vivre à la française, wine and trips to Bretagne included - I can’t help but feeling drawn to what she wants to share through Rouje, the brand she launched not so long ago. Ah yes. Her perfectly-tousled bed hair and insouciant sophistication.

So when a friend of mine let me know there was a collaboration project going on between her and My Little Box (officially confirmed on her Instagram story) I didn’t think about it twice, also because I had already experienced two boxes I was happy about (you can read about what I thought of them and learn more about the concept of the boxes here and here). I ordered the September special edition as a flash. As September is also my birthday month, the box came as a gift to myself and fortunately I was very satisfied with the content of it. 
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