Thursday, 29 March 2018

Bienvenue to The Paris Guy

The Louvre
Writing about Paris while being in Rome... Well it looks like I am not the only Roman-based one who fell in love with the French capital. Remember the food tour I went on last July, which made me discover the typical Roman recipes and best food specialities (you can read about here by the way)? It was organised by The Roman Guy*, a passionate team of young Italy travel experts and trip planners whose main aim is to infuse fun into their tours to offer a different experience from what you can usually expect from a similar service.

Thanks to their heartfelt work and the positive feedback they've gathered from clients, they have decided to apply the concept to... Yes, you got the answer from the beginning, Paris! French capital, one of my favourite cities, another world for people to discover. I must say I was quite excited when I learnt the news and wanted to know what content they would offer for the City of Lights: they really hit the nail on the head with three different tours. 
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