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Bonjour ! I'm Margaux, a 25 year-old French girl self professed eternal optimist, fond of high street style and premium skincare when I can afford it. I am constantly longing to travel to incredible cities, to the extent that I've actually spent a year and half in the UK and am now living in my beloved Italian city, Rome. My favourite activities include shooting candid photos while strolling the streets of my favourite places, laughing and observing people walking by at a café's terrace.

Bonjour White started out in January 2016 as an outlet where I am able to share my enthusiasm for all of the above and more. Depending on my thoughts and feelings of the moment I will write more about travel experiences, style items or beauty finds, who knows? This creative medium mixing my experiences, writing and photography has become my main hobby along the years and whatever happens in my life, I always find myself sticking to this little blog of mine. 

I don't fit a schedule as to writing blog posts but I write whenever possible and take plenty of photos with my Sony alpha 6000 to illustrate them! Of course if you can't get enough and strive to follow my everyday rambling, you can also find me over on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit on this little piece of internet :)



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