A new start

in Scotland, UK

At last I'm writing my first article on this blog. I had been thinking about shaping a new blog for so long now that it was about time to take the plunge! For several reasons, blogging has become an obvious way of expressing myself. Saying what is happening in my life, where I am travelling to, chatting about beauty products and a bit of style as well is what I like to do. Hello to my family and friends who are brave enough to take time to read this in English - and forgive me not to write in French, you do know it's basically my life - and welcome to other readers! 

I have just arrived in Scotland, where I'm going to spend the next six months of my life. I am eager to discover everything it has to offer, from awe-inspiring landscapes to special cultural features. I didn't get the chance to visit Scotland when I lived in England and was quite disappointed. Now that's a done deal! This year I also plan to stop by Rome and Budapest - yes Alexia and Fred, it's you I am talking about! Can't wait to set off on this special adventure, fix a date and meet all my friends there. And definitely eat a lot of excellent food.

For now, I am just getting accustomed to British brands again, whether it be food or beauty products. I must look up for recipes which include special ingredients that are either inexistant or way too expensive in France to diversify what I eat, in order not to think about bread, cheese and other treats. By the way UK, why don't you sell Barilla in regular stores? (My Italian roomate is not happy either). Also, I couldn't bring all my cosmetics with me because of the limited luggage load on planes, which means that I am going to purchase my favourite British brands very soon and tell you more about it! That definitely makes up for the pasta. 

I admit that this month of January has not been the easiest for me but enough with it, it is time to focus on the next 182 days and kick off February in a really good mood. Let's see what the future holds!

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