My Morning Skincare Routine

in Scotland, UK

A month of stress and bad skin days have definitely convinced me to grant importance to a good skincare routine. Drinking a lot of water and being on a balanced diet helps ensuring a healthy complexion, but to be honest I'm not really watching what I eat very closely - or else I am, I am just not strong enough to resist nibbling on some pâtisseries or nutella - so I tend to rely more on my skincare routine. I have got normal/dry skin in winter, that's why I tend to lean forwards products which are nourishing and hydrating but still not too heavy or rich because of the combination nature of my skin. In the evenings I am used to taking some time to layer on all sorts of products, but in the mornings I like my routine to be quick and efficient: I have realised that my skin responds really well to consistency and a minimal routine.


I like my skin to feel thoroughly cleansed after waking up. Most of the time I'll use my cleanser directly in the shower, gently massaging my face as a great way to start the day! I've been sticking to my number one go to product, Mythos facial cleansing gel. This cleansing gel filled with olive and chamomile oils as well as aloe vera is a Cretan Greek product I got on holiday last summer, which makes my face feel completely clean and soft. It is also paraben and silicone free, locally produced plus its ingredients are organic - which make me say it is not far from being the perfect morning cleanser! (Let's not mention the slight and delicate scent to it which reminds me of holidays and golden beaches.)


One important step people often forget is eye-cream - personally I find using a few drops every morning makes a big difference when it comes to make dark circles less visible. My cream of choice at the moment is the Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Eye Cream because of its anti-puffiness action. It makes my skin really smooth whilst it does brighten a lot and helps things along pre-makeup application. In a nutshell, a true staple.

At the moment I finish my morning routine with the Diadermine PH 5 day cream with vitamine E and provitamine B5. I like this formula - you'll notice vitamine E is my go-to ingredient when it comes to skincare - plus it has SPF in it. I have been recommended many such as the Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser and the Body Shop Vitamine E Aqua Boost Sorbet, and I know I will pick up one of these when mine runs out. To me it has become fundamental to invest in a day cream that will deeply moisturise and plump my skin. After all, hydration is key to a radiant and fresh looking skin and this step will have an influence on how long your makeup is going to last.

Et voilà! There you have my simple morning skincare routine, and it is definitely worth the alarm going off a few minutes early.

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