New Country, New Habits

in Scotland, UK

Adapting to a new country may sometimes be less difficult than it seems. I always find the first weeks very exciting as your time is filled up with never-ending discoveries, whether it be your next favourite coffee shop, striking spots of the city or amusing cultural features. I have been living in Scotland for a few weeks now and I can say that I am adapting pretty well. I have come to notice a few things which please me a lot, and that I wish were part of my life on a daily basis simply because they make me happy. Some habits I am getting into are more about integrating a healthy lifestyle than being purely British as I am convinced that it's more a question of the mood you're in as well as your personal taste!

For example, one of my favourite things to do is to drink gingerbread lattes or white caffe mochas with whipped cream at coffee shops because I find the atmosphere very relaxing and warming. Strangely, the smell of coffee and blueberry muffins wafting across the room puts me in the mood for countless conversations with friends or intense blogpost writing. I also sip a lot of tea because wherever I go, a kettle is always on! My latest purchase is a white Chinese peony tea from MacBeans I am loving at the moment (it's tea-riffic, ahah). Remember the common saying that goes you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea, and that's kind of the same thing - all true. Speaking of healthy living, I am starting off yin yoga and resuming Pilates next week and I'm quite excited to try out a sport I could genuinely enjoy practicing.

Never underestimate the power of a bouquet of fresh flowers, which can add this extra touch of prettiness and calm to your place. When I moved in, a bouquet of yellow daffodils was staying on a window ledge and I was head over heels obsessed with it. Since then, I try to purchase a bunch of tulips whenever I feel the need to. Who doesn't love the idea of prancing around town with some purple flowers sticking out from a paper bag?

More generally, I am getting accustomed to apologising all the time and above all, actually waiting to cross the street at zebra crossings at risk of being glared at by people. At least, my toasty cream faux fur coat don't bring that much attention - and I love feeling this absence of pressure and judgement when it comes to wear what I like!

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