Removing your makeup with Nivea

in Scotland, UK

One of the urgent things I had to do on the very first day after I had unpacked was buying a few necessities I couldn't bring with me on the plane, a.k.a. makeup remover and cotton pads. Just like old times, I burst into Boots and was on cloud nine when I laid my eyes on the offers popping here and there before me: most of the time certain items are half-priced or the third you buy is free, a privilege which you would certainly never get in France. 

Just before reaching the point of no return whilst exploring the huge beauty shop, I went to the makeup remover department and thought that I would get a product I had never purchase before. As I'm used to removing my makeup with micellar water, I went for the one for sensitive skin by Nivea. Although micellar water is the only thing I've been using to remove my makeup in a really long time, I thought I would give a go to the double effect eye makeup remover by Nivea as well.  

I have been using the cleansing water for a week and I can clearly say that this has made it in to my favourites! It's great at removing makeup quickly and effectively; but what makes it far better than other micellar waters is that it is super gentle to my dehydrated skin during the winter, when my skin becomes quite sensitive. It helps to keep it hydrated and healthy-looking, and is a great way to start my evening skincare routine. 

As to the eye makeup remover, I can also genuinely say that this has made me up with this step I thought I could skip thanks to the use of micellar water for both eyes and face. What I really didn't enjoy about this type of products was the fact that you had to shake it so much to get the clear and blue solutions mixed together, to eventually needing to repeat the process for the other eye - a complete waste of time and energy. However for this one, this is not a problem at all. I find it is definitely easier to take off my eye makeup with this than using a micellar water thanks to its oily texture, gentler to my lashes. Using an eye-makeup remover also has one final advantage: you don't use up your more expensive micellar water as quickly anymore!

I will definitely repurchase this Nivea combo when empties time comes. Because of the offer I have another one micellar water to try though - the skin perfection one by L'Oréal - so I will let you know which one I like best. Don't hesitate to comment on your favourite micellar water or eye makeup remover, I'm always on the look-out for a must-have!

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