February Beauty and Non-Beauty Favourites

in Scotland, UK

February has been a month of craving for beauty products - which I put my hands on - and a wish to adapt myself to a new lifestyle. I found joy in little things, and these made up for matter little worries along the road! I loved hovering over a cup of tea in my white sheets, wearing my favourite jumper and a pair of downy socks, painting my nails a light springy pink and browsing through Pinterest for best style picks. Add a spoon of delicious coffee shops and restaurant discoveries and you'll know how my February went by! 

I really enjoy reading light literature when I'm not right up there; it is comforting, easy to read and you usually can't stifle your smile when the character is set up in the same tricky situations you once were involved in. A Londoner stood up at an airport by her boyfriend decides to visit her friend in the French capital, and there she becomes involved in a grand love story which took place more than 70 years ago. I was hooked after just a few pages; plus, it has made me coveting Paris so much! I can't believe how few I visited when I only live less than an hour from there on the train. Needless to say I felt the need to watch Midnight in Paris and then fell even more in love...  

As I am spending most of my time in front of a computer at work and at home, I tend to get serious headaches when I should catch up on sleep - hence my spending more time reading instead of browsing the internet at the moment - and I wanted to do something about it because it was not livable on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to a friend recommendation (check her blog here!), I had the idea to buy e-glasses, which lenses filter harmful blue rays emitted by computers, and I can already note a huge difference after only a week of use. If you suffer from this kind of problem I highly recommend purchasing a quality pair from l'Usine à Lunettes (international delivery). I love the look and design of my e-Brooklyn; you can easily pick up a pair that reflects your personality and sense of style!

When I had a peep at MacBeans shop window, I immediately noticed the little dark green paper bag filled with peony tea leaves. I mean, peony. I couldn't miss out on  this! It turns out I can't get enough of its soft, delicate and almost sweet flavour. (It took me three days to purchase a tea strainer FYI).

I have literally been wearing this lipstick every single say during the week. This perfect woody browny nude pink is a good winter pick because it doesn't dry my lips, and it suits both my skin and my beloved light-grey scarf so I couldn't help choosing it every morning. It does come off quite easily though, however I am always stuck to my water bottle or a café mocha so I can't really judge. You can find it at Monoprix in France. 

This creamy thick nail polish is definitely one of my best picks of this month. It is really easy to apply and for the first time in forever, only one coat is needed - it usually takes three for Sephora's <under the covers> - and it makes things so easy. Two coats and it will last you for days and days. Pink lemonade is a shade I like most when it comes to wearing white or light-coloured clothes and matching golden accessories!


  1. AH l'usine à lunettes m'a fait de l'oeil à un moment donné mais j'ai acheté les miennes chez Jimmy Fairly au final! :)

    1. C'est vrai qu'elles ont l'air pas mal! Mais je suis vraiment contente des miennes, ne plus avoir mal a la tete c'est revolutionnaire de mon cote :)


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