March Favourites

March has been a busy busy month for me, and I can't wait for April to come! Between going shopping for clothes, trying on new makeup looks, catching up on some reading and experiencing a ton of Scottish food specialties, I can say I have really enjoyed these 31 days. Below is a list of my favourites of this March, hope you enjoy it!

1. Shirt with pleated back, ZARA

For a long time I had been looking for a simple white shirt with a classic collar, yet with a little detail that would make the difference. A white shirt is a basic item to have in your wardrobe, so you'd better love the one you pick! That is why I waited patiently to come across a shirt I would love wearing, whose shape, style and material I couldn't get tired of. And this happened in Zara, quite often these days I must say... When I caught sight of it in the shop I instantly knew it was the one, although the only slight disappointment was that it belonged to the Trafaluc section (which I am not really a fan of). But once in the fitting rooms, I couldn't resist its asymmetrical hem, the fact that it is longer in the back, and the detailing of the so feminine pleated back and sleeves. Love at first sight. Leaves me feeling like a drowsy Holly Golightly opening the door to Paul Varjak

2. Even Better foundation, CLINIQUE

I've got the impression that I've been rambling a lot about that foundation already - apologies - but to me, the Clinique Even Better foundation is the best one I have came upon so far. It suits my complexion perfectly in shade alabaster and evens my skin tone by correcting and balancing the redness in my face. It has moderate coverage, yet can easily be built up to provide full coverage. As to the formula, it is oil free, has SPF15 in it and is made of mineral blend. What else? Give it a go and try a free sample in shops like Boots, I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!

3. Lipstick in shade Syrup, MAC

My first MAC lipstick (I was missing on life before this I swear) is Syrup, described as a cloudy pink with a lustre finish by MAC. It took me some time and trials to choose this shade because I wanted a hue for every day wear; and I made the right choice, as I almost wore this one every single day! I didn't want to go for a lustre finish at first - I actually tend to avoid these normally - but the finish becomes less visible and fades a few minutes after application. I love to wear it with what I call the Miss Dior look: subtle nude eye-shadow, black eye-liner and fresh pink blush. 

4. 'I can and I will' mug by Alice Scott, JOHN LEWIS

I have a thing with mugs. I have an entire collection and each one brings up tons of memories; that's why I naturally thought I needed one for my experience in Scotland. I love the white-with-a-gorgeous-black-script-on-it one I chose. These words - I can and I will - are an echo for my little internal voice to grow when I feel down, overwhelmed by work and studies, whilst reminding me that I am capable . 

5. Mini Eggs, CADBURY

I discovered the mini-eggs a few days ago only as they don't exist in France (still was missing on life) and I am addicted. They taste like chocolaty sugared almonds except they are only made of chocolate. ROLL ON the Easter chocolates sales!


  1. First off, those pastries look so good! Mac's Syrup is one of my favourite lipsticks as well, I think it's such a lovely shade. Plumful is another one of my favourites as well.

    1. Héhé they were thanks Julia ☺️ I will definitely have a look at Plumful, as I am buying one MAC lipstick a month!


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