My Evening Skincare Routine

Bonsoir ! After I introduced my morning skincare routine (here), I thought I’d give my evening pamper a go. Removing my makeup used to be a bore – something I shouldn’t forget to do before I went to bed at the risk of having a breakout the following day and my pillow stained with mascara. Now that I know how important that is, I feel I have improved my skincare routine a lot for the past year. My beauty shelf is filled with products which really work for my skin, although yesterday I came to the conclusion that one of my cleansers was too aggressive to my skin during the winter time so there's still room for improvement. I also tend to gradually invest in high-quality products, my purchases becoming more pricey but within reason – so both my skin and bank account are benefitting greatly from this. I keep in mind that there’s no point in buying expensive makeup if my skincare is not adapted: the greater my skin looks, the less coverage my foundation needs to have – and I am a natural glowy looking skin enthusiast.

Usually my daily evening skincare pamper includes 6 fundamental steps: makeup remover, cleanser, eye-cream, serum and night cream. However it is expanded twice a week when I need to exfoliate my skin and do a facemask.


My micellar water and eye-makeup remover duo by Nivea is my absolute go-to at the moment. It removes my makeup really easily and leaves my skin feeling soft.


Cleansing enables your skin to remove any makeup residue or pollution cells from your skin, and that makes it in my opinion the most important step of a skincare routine alongside moisturiser. I am currently using a newbie that is the Vichy Pureté Thermale fresh cleansing gel. I have starting using this in place of my Neutrogena one which as mentioned earlier brings out the redness in my skin whilst I strive to do the exact opposite. What I love about the Vichy Gel is its anti-hard water action which makes a real difference as to skin sensitivity. It deep-cleanses as well, much better than any drugstore cleanser: I can tell by the absence of makeup marks on my face cloth.

3. EXFOLIATING (twice a week)

I didn’t exfoliate my skin for two weeks once and it was a total nightmare (well, a little bit of a nightmare). Exfoliating removes the dead cells from the surface of your skin and as a result let it B R E A T H. Exfoliators unclog your pores, visibly reduce the apparition of spots and black heads and help mini scars disappear in the long-term. My current favourite is the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator, especially because it is super gentle and has an amazing fruity smell!

4. FACEMASK (twice a week)

Facemasks usually provide extra moisture to the skin depending on the type of masks you use. In the summer months I like to use clay masks which suck up oil overproduction whilst during winter time I go for hydrating masks. The one I am using at the moment is the Honey and Oat moisturising scrub mask by the Body Shop. It is a real pleasure to apply it because of its almondy smell although the main drawback is that it leaves my skin feeling a bit too hot so I’m not sure I’ll repurchase. I would use it on its own and not after having exfoliated my skin already (of course). 


My cream of choice at the moment is the Nuxe Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Eye Cream because of its anti-puffiness action. It makes my skin really smooth and brightens a lot. In a nutshell, a true staple.


Applying a serum or mixing it up with my night cream has definitely managed to make dry patches vanish. It basically deeply hydrates your skin and multiplies the efficiency of your night-cream during the night. I am using the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil by the Body Shop (and will until the end of times apparently, considering the amount of product in a little bottle) and I am completely satisfied with it.


The final step at last, phew! Mine is the Vitamin E Night Cream by the Body Shop – I am in love with the whole range – and mixed with my serum it deeply hydrates my skin, leaving it soft and perfectly moisturised all night long until the next coat in the morning. Goodbye dull morning skin.

Now don’t think it takes as long as you think it does; it is a five-ten minutes affair only, maybe a bit more if like me you enjoy massaging your products into the skin in a very gentle way. Smile during the process, it changes everything strangely. A quick teeth-brushing and I’m ready to enjoy my evening reading in bed or skimming Pinterest and Instagram, with a Spotify playlist playing in the background…


  1. La crème The Body Shop est génial et hyper confortable!

    1. Oui et la mienne est bientot finie, je pense vraiment en racheter ! Des suggestions pour une bonne creme de nuit sinon ?


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