How To Clear Your Wardrobe

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When I moved out of Strasbourg and came back home, I was faced with a case of overflowing suitcase and replete wardrobe; I had no other choice but to try to unclutter the best I could. Fortunately I had had a read at Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying on the train. Although a little bit too extreme at times, I have to say it really helped to put me on the move. I seized the opportunity to free some precious space and also to make a big winter spring clean... It took me two entire days to go through my whole wardrobe - for your information I decided to do everything at once, which proved to be extremely effective - however this time-consuming activity left me with an immense feeling of satisfaction and the promise I would never clutter my wardrobe again. Introducing my first style post, here are a few pieces of advice when it comes to clear your wardrobe!

1. How to sort out your clothes

Start with throwing away the obvious! Items that are ripped or stained, completely out of fashion and unwearable, whose colour has faded (the amount of black jeans which faded grey I had to throw away in my life is quite impressive) and those either too small or way too big, except for oversized and cosy items in fashion of course. Get rid of clothes which are completely out of shape that you keep as pjs or sport outfits; if you need those, buy new ones in appropriate departments. These apply for over-worn underwear and shoes as well. On the other hand, donate or sell what you don't want to keep; what you keep just in case but have not worn in months, and clothes you don't feel comfortable wearing - whose shape or fit you don't find flattering or whose colour doesn't suit your personality. 

Keep all the items that reflect your personality, fit your overall style, suit you perfectly, in which you feel completely yourself and above all really enjoy wearing! Don't forget to feel the material, upper quality items are both going to last longer and bring you higher satisfaction whilst wearing them. It is also essential to store a few pieces you have sentimental values for. 

2. How to be efficient while clearing out

The difficulty lies in the fact that most of the time, we simply can't do it and there are tons of excuses we can relate to. Either the item was expensive and absolutely not made profitable, or because we will need to buy another one and we can't really afford it for the moment and so on. But you can do it, and will feel so much better afterwards. You should keep in mind that you want to keep pieces that make you happy and that you could wear regularly. Your mind should pop up with different outfits every time you choose to store a piece. 

3. Sit down and be happy!

At the end of the process, you should like every single item which hang in your wardrobe. You will save so much time from now in the morning, because you won't linger standing in front of it for hours; and if you still hesitate between outfits, it will be because you don't know which item you'd like to wear most on that day! 

The whole point is also about making decisions. Believe it or not, your wardrobe is similar to your life path - some items you are in love with, some are mistakes which make you wonder why on earth you ever had the idea of buying it in the first place and what you would wear that with, and some others simply make no odds to you. Your style is like a window of your personality and life experiences, and as a result taking decisions in your own wardrobe is a first step to clear out your own mind. 

This guideline, which I hope helped you to take action, brings another issue up for discussion - how to shop efficiently so that you don't relapse into a wardrobe mess. Well, keep your eyes peeled for this should soon come up on the blog! Let me know what you think, and don't hesitate to let me know what your favourite techniques are when it comes to clear your closet :)

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