My Scottish Trip: Coral Beaches, Fairy Pools & Portree

in Écosse, Royaume-Uni

DAY 1: Coral Beaches, Fairy Pools & Portree

As soon as I knew I was going to spend a few months in Scotland for my internship, the first thing that popped in my mind was how much travelling I was going to get out of it - along with the memories I was about to make. I've got to say that after three months here, it pans out. I am currently living in the north-east area and I mainly wished to explore the wild west coast, before heading south and chiefly visit the capital, Edinburgh (which I can't wait for in May). 

My only worry was to travel on my own - not because I don't like to travel places alone, but because the west coast is all about forests and valleys and nature and basically, doesn't correspond to what I am accustomed to while visiting other sorts of places (read: big cities). So when I saw that Aberdeen University was organising a three-day trip that gathered all the magical places I had imagined going to, I didn't need to be told so twice - especially when 800 people were interested on Facebook and only 27 tickets were available. I grabbed a jacket and dashed there to get the golden ticket. After two hours of waiting and stress that I may not get one, I was holding it in my hand and plainly over the moon. 

I was lent a red raincoat and a sturdy blue backpack which made me feel like I was engaging in my Pokemon adventure (don't ask why) so that I could confront the changing violent weather I could be facing once up the hills. On Day 1, we left Aberdeen at 6:30 am to drive across the whole country from east to west - never has a bus trip been so amazing thanks both to people who were coming along on that trip and the impressing landscapes streaming through the windows. 


We arrived at our spot number one on the Isle of Skye and after a walk, discovered the Coral Beach. It has been named that way because of its white sand - quite unusual for the place - which gives the sea a turquoise colour. The view was even better from a small hill next to it. It was also incredibly sunny that day, enough to take off my jacket (and then back home it snowed, but Scotland ye know). 


After another bus ride, we virtually reached the Fairy Pools at sunset. I gazed in awe at the light-brown-sand-burnt mountains and at its small streams of clear blue water flowing by on a multitude of grey pebbles and rocks we had to step cross several times. 


Portree is the main town of the Isle, and its Independent Hostel painted yellow alongside its adorable owner welcomed us during the evening. We desperately looked for a fish and chips but everything was closed after 9pm. Some of us ended up at Portree's Indian restaurant - which I was definitely not expecting - however the Balti Massala, vegetable rice and garlic bread were more than welcome on a trip during which I only survived thanks to oreos and granola. 

The next morning we enjoyed a little stroll along Portree's recognisable colourful houses under a drizzle and two magnificent rainbows, before kicking off another day in the Highlands! Part 2 is available here! 


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