April Favourites

Between a larger amount of work than usual, starting to focus on my dissertation and my trip all around west Scotland, this month of April has literally flashed by. Although I have been a bit under the weather (the sun wasn't really present either, which didn't help), I have tons of favourites I had to limit to five for the sake of this blog post. I have also purchased a few makeup items I am currently trying out and several pieces of clothing I am head over heels about over this past month, and I will not hesitate to let you know about what I think of those later! So enough rambling, here are my favourites of this April.

1. Macbook Pro

Well this one is a long story! All in all, I had been waiting for months and months for my 6 year-old HP laptop to die. Although I could still do plain work on it (word mainly), it was on the verge of death but would not let go. The pad was not working anymore, it would switch itself off whenever I opened the 'trash', you can see what I mean. It was even stolen and given back to me because surely, even the thief couldn't handle the situation. So after 6 months+ of nightmare, I decided to go for a Macbook Pro, a laptop I had been coveting for months as well; and I am not disappointed. I honestly can't ramble enough about how glad I am to have invested! So I now I can confirm that the expensive amount of money you put in that mass of technology is completely worth it. The retina screen is beyond incredible; and from now on, I will be able to air brush my pictures and edit travel videos - life-changing!

2. Alexa Chung VOGUE series

I have been completely smitten with these two series you can find on the VOGUE UK youtube channel. The documentary, called The Future of Fashion, is divided in several parts displaying everything that lies behind the fashion industry in a very genuine way. It aims to show different aspects of the industry, and simply explain questions lots of people might think of or not, such as "what is a trend forecaster", "feminism in the fashion industry", "fashion law", and so on. It is utterly enlightening for both people interested in fashion and those who would like to engage in a carrier in this field. And of course, Alexa Chung is bae: funny, fresh and alongside being refined in fashion, a great narrator. Series 1 is available here and series 2 here. Don't hesitate to have a peek! 

3. My wee Scottish trip

I have spent three days travelling around the Isle of Skye and surrounding places in Scotland this month, and although I am not what you might call a country girl, I enjoyed myself way too much. I have discovered majestic landscapes I will never forget! Coral beach, fairy pools and Portree, right there - Old Man of Storr, Eilean Donan castle and Glenfinnan viaduct, here! :)

4. Softening Cleansing Lotion, GARNIER

I was on the lookout for a new makeup remover, and because I was a bit short on money, decided to find an alternative to the one I wish to purchase next time, the Camomille Cleansing Oil by The Body Shop. I wandered around in the appropriate department at Boots and went for the discounted-to-less-than-£2 Softening Cleansing Lotion by Garnier without expecting anything from it. And much to my surprise, it turns out to be a real gem! I had been in the habit of using micellar water all the time, so I was quite sceptical about using a milk solution again. Enriched with cherry tree and moringa extracts (even though I don't even know what the last one is, that sounds convincing), it perfectly suits dry skins such as mine. It is so smooth and gentle to my skin, and of course does a great job at removing makeup! So if you are looking for a more budget-friendly makeup-remover, I highly recommend to pick this one up. 

5. Light-grey Blazer, ZARA

It all started when I went to collect my parcel containing my white trainers at Zara's and took the most of me coming to the shop to have a look around. I wasn't planning on buying anything obvs, but then a light-grey longline blazer caught my eye. It happened to be part of my long-term wish list, so I grabbed it and took it into the fitting-rooms guilt-free... I loved it as soon as I had it on me: it fitted me so well, suited my style and looked as good with black jeans for work as with blue ones for the weekend. The fabric was high-quality and was made of 14% wool, which is perfect for three seasons out of four. I put it back on the rack to let me think about it and then ordered it on the internet two days later, along with a pink backpack I fell in love with (but shhh). I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of it, and I am glad it will last me several years (or so I hope).

Now, May will soon kick off and I can't wait for its fill of getaways. I have planned already to go to Edinburgh at mid-May and the purchase of flight tickets to fly to Rome and spend some quality time with a friend is imminent! I am over the moon, and resolute to make the most of every moment. I am starting to feel so alive - this feeling is so heady I am determined to experience it again in the following months. What about you, what are your April favourites? :)


  1. I love the variety of your favourites! I really like the sound of the Alexa Chung series, I'm just obsessed with everything about her to be honest! Also love the blazer.

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Thank you Sally :) You should definitely watch the series, they offer a great insight to the fashion industry. I loved watching these during lunch break at work!

  2. That blazer is too gorgeous, the colour ahh! I think your blog is lovely too, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


    1. Thank you Adele, well you've got the same blog theme going on so obvs, we'll check each other out! I'll find you on your social media :) x

  3. That jacket is gorgeous, I love the bag with it too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. I absolutely love that light grey blazer, it makes so much sense that it's from Zara as well because I feel like half my wardrobe is Zara!


    1. Thank you! I know Zara is bae - and if it wasn't sometimes so expensive, I can assure you that their clothes would fill up 80% of my wardrobe as well! haha x


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