May Favourites

May, another month which flashed by! The first month of spring was filled with coffee macchiatos and lots of vanilla tea - and I couldn't complain. One thing I'm sure of is that I love working from a coffee place with a soft jazz tune in the background. Along with a caramel macchiato and a sweet treat, it appears to be the perfect environment for me to reach a high level of productivity (most of the time) while keeping my stress level relatively low (main challenge). May was also a spendy month as I have invested in the camera I had been dreaming of and treated myself with flight tickets to Rome to see my friends, and I just can't wait to make new memories in the Eternal City. So, bring it on June! ♡


I had to start my May favourites with my new Sony camera. I had been raving about getting my dream camera for months (not going to say years but that would perhaps be more appropriate), so after I had gathered some savings I decided to take the plunge and invest in the a6000. The alpha range has a really good reputation as to the quality of the bodies and the lenses that go with them. The a6000 suited my budget and my needs: I was looking for a light-weight camera which would be easy to travel with, so quite unsure about getting a big DSLR. I spent a lot of time doing research on the matter, and it occurred the mirrorless Sony a6000 and its 16-50mm basic kit lens gathered all the qualities I sought - plus it was available in white! However, some time had flied between the moment I saw it online and the actual purchase. Long story short, I had to import it from the US as the white edition was no longer available in Europe... No regrets. I am currently learning how to use it properly and hope to put my hands on the 1.8f lens for portrait photography very soon. Although it is a challenge to set the right settings for somebody who is a beginner in digital photography, I couldn't be happier to use it! Find it here.


Yes, building my instagram has been one of my favourite things to do over the past month. Now that I have a great camera, I feel more confident about my photography and strive to get to the results I want to achieve. I'm constantly learning to compose my pictures, and I prefer to post quality pics over quantity. My secret to keep a high level of inspiration is to follow accounts that I love, which good vibes make me feel like grabbing my camera to snap a few shots! I have a white-gold-pink theme going on at the moment - my idea is to change theme every season, while sticking to my beloved white backgrounds. To have a peek, find me at @bonjourwhite and don't hesitate to follow if you fancy it :)


I didn't think I would yield in to the bomber jacket trend in the first place. I assumed it didn't fit my style: I'm trying to build up my wardrobe on items which shape are more suited and feminine, because I realized it was overflowing with large jumpers and blazers that have a more masculine feel to them and needed to strike a balance between the two. But when the trend headed towards pink bomber jackets, then it became really difficult for me to resist. Mine is from New Look. I didn't want to spend too much because technically I didn't really had the need for it, but £29.99 seemed very reasonable for a jacket. I haven't had the opportunity to wear it too much as the weather here is still very cold, but I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it very soon: I love the satin finish, and pink is perfect to associate with white and denim (which my wardrobe is filled with). 


The ultimate coffee table book. To be honest, the reason why I was drawn to it was because I had seen it everywhere. I was intrigued and wanted to know if the content was good or just a succession of clichés on La Parisienne. I am not Parisian, and definitely don't intend to become one. Paris is a wonderful city which I would love to linger in as there is so much to do, to see, to visit, to eat - but I wouldn't fully appreciate living in except if I am a billionaire (too many temptations equal a life of frustration). Anyway, I was expecting How To Be Parisian to be full of clichés, and to be honest, it is. But isn't Paris the city of clichés par excellence? Although it doesn't depict the majority of people living in Paris, I do think some Parisian people are exactly as described in the book. It is not a guide I'm going to follow for sure, but I really appreciate the humour and loved reading in bed with French pâtisseries (to contribute to the cliché). Funny thing? The book has only been published in English and is not available in French stores. Surely because even though lots of people would love to live in Paris, nobody actually dreams of becoming as bitchy as the Parisienne! 

Here were my favourite of this month, what are yours? If you like photography, what's your camera? Did you follow a trend recently? Any interesting read? Don't hesitate to drop your instagram below in the comments


  1. I have to say, you have one of my all time favourite Instagram! I wanted to tweet you that the other day but I totally forgot!

    Last month, you made me wanna buy your grey Zara jacket but this time, the bomber just makes me think of Grease and the Pink Ladies and I have to have it! xx

    1. Ma belle Georgina, merci ! Go for the pink jacket and rock it héhé ✌️I noticed New Look now offers a bomber jacket with pink embroidered lace if you want a fancier version! Bisous

  2. Ooooh that pink satin bomber is very nice ;-) can't wait to hopefully see you style it in a future post or something! Not gonna lie I kind of want it too but I honestly don't need more clothes so I will have to weigh that up ha... your camera is super cute in white too, so yay for new gear!

    I have a Fuji XT10 which probably no one's heard of as EVERYBODY has an Olympus pen (l o l too mainstream for me) and I'm also hoping to get a prime lens for it soon as I'm actually traveling soon and it'd be awesome to have a great lens! THe kit lens is okay but sometimes I need more oomph to my photos, you know?

    Cherie | sinonym

    1. Thanks Cherie! I'd love to start making outfit posts, but have to get myself a photographer first haha (you know the struggle). Yeah didn't want to follow the Olympus pen trend, so went for this Sony instead. I just checked your camera and it has the same sensor than mine, so our camera must be very similar :) I absolutely know what you mean - the kit lens is great to get to know how to use the camera body and its settings but after a while, changing lens is necessary to add this little oomph!

  3. Absolutely stunning photos & I'm loving your favorites! I'm trying to incorporate other things into my faves too! xx

  4. I found your blog through your Instagram, (which I'm obsessed with by the way) and it's so lovely! That jacket is so pretty, I nether thought a bomber jacket would be my cup of tea, but there are so many amazing ones out right now :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Thank you Claire! ♡ There's another black and silver one at New Look that I love but I'll stop here haha. Go for it if you fancy it :) x


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