My Little Dolce Vita Box - May 2016 Edition

Buongiorno! When I noticed the May edition of My Little Box was going to relate to Italy, I couldn’t but decide to continue my subscription to the Parisian business (to have an overview of the concept and see what the April Flower Box edition contained, click here) and enjoy once more the very nice content of this beauty box. The thematic turned out to be perfectly well-timed as I am flying to Rome in a few days for the first time – so this Dolce Vita box is the perfect foretaste to my Roman holiday. Why do I review the May edition in June you may ask, well because the first box got lost in the post (French or British, or somewhere in the middle) so as the end of the month was getting closer and my mail box remained empty, I just dropped an email to their customer service and they immediately sent through another one, which I got a week later after I had been hopping up and down with impatience.

My Little Dolce Vita Box’s colour pattern is very fresh and joyful with yellow, light blue, hints of coral and green here and there. Once the top slid, the box opens on a nice bow tying together a print that I love – everything sounds better in Italian – and will frame very soon (Valentino heels, gelato and coffee, what else could you possibly need in a print?). This month’s “My Little World” magazine is once more a very nice little read which definitely made me feel like putting on some lipstick and a pair of oversized sunglasses to roam Italian streets.

Speaking of accessories, I found two in the box: a green and coral turban and a leaf-shaped golden ring. Although I think it is a great idea to include a rather unusual head accessory, I am not a fan of this one because of its colours – I saw it existed in blue and yellow on their Instagram and think it would suit my style better (colours and beauty products can vary according to the boxes). Yet, if you enjoy wearing this kind of accessories, the mini box containing it displays all the ways you can wear it to be stylish à l’italienne. The golden ring made it up for the turban though, and I was lucky enough to get the gold version instead of the silver one. I was surprised it came with the right size (main fear: a gorgeous ring clearly being too big for my fingers). It will definitely come with me on the plane. I have got a similar bolder feather-shaped version of the ring, although the Dolce Vita box one is more delicate and feminine.

When it comes to beauty products, I have one absolute favourite: the Green Tea and Jasmine Huile Croisière Céladon by Baïja Paris. First, this body oil has the most gorgeous subtle scent which leaves a very luxury feel in mind. Second, the various ways you can apply it makes it easy to use: I personally prefer to apply it after a body scrub session during a very warm shower to leave my skin perfectly moisturised and soft without being greasy. Plus, it has the most perfect oriental-feel packaging… In a nutshell, I know I am going to use it a lot! The second beauty product is a moisturising body tan product by My Little Beauty, Bain de Soleil. To be honest I haven't tested it yet as I don't want to rush the process before going on holidays, but I will report back on it very soon! The last beauty product that comes with my Little Dolce Vita Box is a small bottle of the La Fille de l’Air perfume by Courrèges. The orange and bergamot is one lovely light spring and summer scent. Its sample size makes it travel friendly and easy to slip in a hand bag for day touch-ups.

So here is the May My Little Dolce Vita Box! If you got it in the mail last month I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you live in France, you can order the June edition here, and if you live in the UK you can find it on the English version of the website here. If you prefer to have a look at what the box of the month looks like and what it contains before you decide to purchase one, check their Instagram account, always filled with many hints! :)

Ps: I am not affiliated with My Little Box – just want to share a bit of French (well in that case, Italian) culture and beauty products :)


  1. The body oil looks super glorious, and all these boxes have super cute packaging ;-) too bad I won't ever spend my $$$ on it though, hahahha I'm far too skeptical sometimes... but yay for Rome soon wheee <3

    Cherie | sinonym

    1. Yes their packaging is really cute :) Rome was amazing thanks!

  2. Everything looks so pretty! The body oil sounds wonderful!

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