Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne ∙ Review

Bonjour ! Today's post is about a long-craved for perfume by Jo Malone, the quintessentially British brand. I had indeed wanted to put my hands on one of her creations for years now, but as Jo Malone is only sold in France in Paris and that I wished to smell the fragrances before purchasing one, I needed to find myself in the UK again to have access to one of their boutiques. These are so sophisticated and elegant that it is a pleasure to amble along the glass counters; don't hesitate to venture there instead of buying online, because being advised on what would suit our personality and personal taste when it comes to fragrances truly is a nice luxury experience. 

After I long hesitated with the fruity English Pear and Freesia Cologne, I went for the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne. I fell in love with this woody scent, even more than with my eternal Miss Dior Chérie. It is constituted of ambrette seeds in top note, sea salt in heart note and sage as a base note. Altogether, these notes brings sophistication, freshness and a natural earthy depth in a special way - I wouldn't say it is a fresh scent, because I normally tend to stay away from anything fresh or citrusy. Don't be afraid of the sea salt part either: the way these notes are combined and the woodiness of it create the enchanting fragrance, almost sensual.

Jo Malone describes the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne as lively, spirited and totally joyful. She is of course absolutely right - it is exactly how I felt when it was first sprayed on my wrist in the boutique. And above all, I felt free and alive (incredible how a fragrance can make you feel, doesn't it?); exactly what I was on the lookout for.

I purchased the 30ml bottle as I didn't want to splurge on the full size in case I wish to go for the English Pear and Freesia later (wise budget-related decision). The signature packaging is just the dream: a simple, tasteful, timeless, elegant, incidentally black and cream box wrapped in a black ribbon. I love it so much that I take some time to take out the perfume bottle and put it back in the box every morning! I couldn't recommend going for a Jo Malone Cologne more - plus, it lasts on my skin all day... What else could you ask for?

What about you, does a Jo Malone fragrance appeal to you? Have you tried the Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne?


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