June Favourites

Bonjour ! The first half of June has been pretty amazing for me; second half not as good but I'll just accentuate the positive and choose to remember the best (positive mindset training on). It's peony season, I fell in love with Rome, and I think I've found my favourite perfume... You know, that sort of good things. Although I can't really say a proper summer has settled yet, the weather is substantially warmer, the days are longer, and that makes a real difference. The sky is still clear when I go to bed, whilst the sun has already risen whatever hour of the day I wake up at (hello happy mornings!). But enough with the rambling now, below are my favourites of this month ♡


I should have published a blog post on my journey to Rome by now - apologies, it's on the making! I remember how I felt like when landing in Paris to change flights and hoping on the plane to Rome: free from my daily worries for a little week abroad, absolute bliss. I couldn't wait to wander around this eternal city, one of the most beautiful in the world, an open air museum. Three friends, a lot of fun and exquisite Italian cuisine: I needed these holidays as much as I needed my friends, so the combination of these two made my time there so memorable and magical that I can easily state they were the best holidays of my life! Rome put a spell on me and I know I'll definitely be coming back over the next few years, or so I'll try. There are so many things I could talk about - the architecture, the pines, that night out in Trastevere - but sometimes, you just have to live the dolce vita for yourself. So book a trip there asap, you won't be disappointed!


Face Paint is not a plain book about makeup - it recounts its story, from ancient Egypt to what it stands for today. It explores the role makeup has played in women's history, spotlights famous makeup looks and details how they achieved their effects; I learnt so much about how the industry was born, how it grew and which ordinary names have managed to become extraordinary brands and build their empire (such as Charles Revson, Elizabeth Arden and Estée Lauder). All in all, if you are a lover of makeup, you can't go pass this volume honestly! I found the level of details quite high as well. Lisa Eldridge is one of the best makeup artists in the industry today, and I've been watching her Youtube tutorials for a while now - she is so professional, nice and experienced that it's a real pleasure to read her work. In case you were still not convinced, she is currently working as the global creative director of Lancôme and has developed a makeup range with Shiseido. 


I tend to stay away from pencil lipsticks that may dry out my lips, but this one seems to be the exception that proves the rule: the Color Dramas are really creamy and they do. not. budge. They are made very easy to wear, as the formula feels quite light in spite of the generous amount of pigments in it. I have one in shade 410 Fab Orange - and I've got to say, vivid orange is quite a bold colour to wear, however is perfect to make a statement. To me, the only drawback it has is that it makes me look even paler than I already am, so I don't hesitate to push the bronzer step a bit further to look a bit more tanned (I remember one picture in particular of myself in Rome wearing this lipstick without any bronzer: I looked transparent). I really like the range though, and as to the value for money, I am thinking of purchasing another one!


When it comes to bags, there are so many colours, shapes and materials available that sometimes, it may get a bit difficult to choose the next one you'll be getting (since unfortunately, your wardrobe is not a shop but a limited space). This time, I was simply looking for a black bag after one strap of my Mango tote had failed me and found this mini city bag on Zara.com while browsing online. I was looking for a clean and clear cut shape, a bag that was simple enough to go with the majority of my wardrobe but which still had that classy edge I feel the need to find in any item I purchase. This bag exactly corresponds to what I was on the lookout for: black, perfect size, and original in its own way. What made me  fall for it was the contrasting interior, the shoulder strap I always let on, and the adorable bow closure. Plus, it came with a small interior bag perfect to gather my mess (lipstick, sunglasses, etc.) and is quite sturdy. I really hope this one will last me a long time - or else would love to find the high end leather version, so if you have an idea on where to find this gem give me a shout! 


I had been willing to try the range for a long time, and I jumped at the chance of travelling to Rome to actually drop plane-friendly mini versions in my basket. I went for the Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner, enriched with coconut milk and oil, as well as whipped egg white proteins - and certainly these ingredients can't harm. Although I couldn't tell at first, after I gave it a try several times, my hair is definitely more nourished and has gained strength. The conditioner makes it very effective I think - and the coconut fragrance is perfectly balanced (subtle but there). I would definitely recommend trying these out if you have fine or normal hair and aim to infuse energy and moisture to it. I'm definitely purchasing the full version soon.

What was your favourite beauty product or piece of clothing this month? Are you to travel soon and catch some sun?


  1. Oh, I almost bought the coconut milk shampoo & conditioner the other day but I wanted to read some reviews before because of the price and... you just convinced me here!
    I also love your bag! It reminds me in a way of the classic Mansur Gavriel! I used to be the biggest Zara handbags lover but I always had issues with the straps!

    1. Thanks Georgina :) don't be disappointed if you can't tell the difference on the first use, I think the shampoo and conditioner really work after a couple of uses.
      I hope I won't have any with this bag, I love it too much! I can't wait to be able to afford Mansur Gavriel ones haha! 😘

  2. I love that coconut haircare line, I have their split ends mender and it smells phenomenal- it always reminds me of some sort of a tropical location. I love that Zara bag as well, I feel like Zara always do such good bags.


    1. Indeed! I don't usually crave for coconut-based formulas but this one convinced me! Yes Zara does 😍


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