Looking Healthier in Winter

Let's be honest, winter is not the season where we naturally cry out how good we look on a daily basis. Although I do love to dress in autumn and wear cosy coats I am always in a better shape when the warm sun shines and my skins tans a bit. Whether that is just an impression or a mere observation, here is what I found to look healthier for the next months!

The obvious: drink more water

Winter, dry air and heating at home take all the moisture out of my body to leave me feeling more thirsty than ever. I drink as much water as my body needs - for this reason I always drop a bottle of mineral water into my bag when I go out. No need for a biology class to keep in mind water is life and also what makes your skin glowing, soft and moisturised. Drink a ton if just like me you have to cope with dry skin.

Maintain your vitamin levels up

It's quite common to feel under the weather at this time of the year but what can really pump up the game is vitamins and more generally an adapted diet filled with nutrients, winter veggies and fruits. Vitamins will have a very positive impact on how you feel and will provide enough energy to go through the season. Find recipes you like and treat yourself. For example I had the best soup at Cup (9 Little Belmont St, Aberdeen, Scotland). Broccoli full of vitamin C, brie cheese and cream : so. good.

A touch of blusher

Nothing makes you look healthier than colourful cheeks! Most of the time I go for natural shades such as old pink and apricot (for one by Bourjois here) depending on my makeup of the day. It instantly brightens up my face the way cold weather would do to my cheeks - minus dryness. I also try to be lightly-handed on bronzer to look fresh and natural.

Adapt your beauty routine

My skin doesn't react the same way and need a different treatment every season. It is only normal for me to switch my moisturiser with a deeper hydrating day and night cream during winter time. I am a glowy and fresh skin enthusiast and always need the best moisturiser I can find! The same goes with the qualities of makeup itself - a more hydrating foundation or BB cream for example.

What are your best tips to feel and look healthy in winter? 

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