Bonjour 2017

Now 2017 is ten days in and it's high time to put 2016 challenging hurdles aside only to remember personal achievements and happy memories. I've come to ponder the lessons 2016 brought up through difficult times so that they serve me (keeping in mind this pinteresty quote going either you win either you learn) to shape a whole new bucket list and recapture my natural optimism. I still need objectives to set, projects to undertake, trips to plan. But this year, I don't forget the unexpected: let's be honest, how boring life would be then? It often made me happy beyond borders over the past year. I'm also all for spontaneity and daring more.

My new year resolutions are not overdue for one reason: I never make any - or at least I don't wish for anything countable. Although it may sound naive, happiness and heart pounding moments are all I truly want. Basics imply loving what I do on a daily basis, being close to family and friends when I'm around whilst keeping in touch when I'm away. Being fortunate enough to get the right opportunities at the right moment. Along the years I have also learnt to go and get it and as a result to strike a balance between luck and hard work so that I don't put all my successes and failures down to fate. A few years ago I got dumbstruck when I realised not getting what I wanted was the best thing that had ever happened to me - that helps me putting things into perpective nowadays. In a nutshell I stack up the good previous years got me and hope for the best the following 365 days; this year is no different.

So aside from my focus on happiness, I strive for 2017 to surprise me and provide me with the means to do what I truly want to do and go wherever to enhance my reality. Make my heart grow fonder and get rid of discouraging feelings; one of the most important things being not falling into utter despair (but let's not dwell on international politics and how the world will come out of it). I want to keep being inspired by others and explore dazzling cities, camera in hand - and bring you along of course. 

Champagne to a new chapter x

(Ps: This post is not sponsored by Veuve Clicquot.)

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