Beauty Routine for Sensitive & Blemished Skin

I remember wondering countless times what my skin type was. I just couldn't categorize mine as dry, sensitive, oily or combination and struggled to adapt my beauty routine - not mentioning it tends to be drier in winter and oilier in summer like a majority of people - until I realised it was both sensitive and prone to blemishes. It was also dehydrated (water stripped from skin by products and environmental factors), not dry (skin that produces very little oil naturally). I don't know exactly what causes my skin sensitivity; it must be a mix of pollution, hard water and maybe a misuse of too harsh a product on my skin. On the contrary I know my blemishes are directly due to stress and diet. In any case I now focus on using the right products and head for higher quality, natural and organic ones when possible to reach the perfect skincare fit!

Gentle morning ☀️

I've decided to break down my beauty routine in a few simple steps to avoid piling up products on my skin (less is more). I often start my morning beauty routine with some micellar water by Bioderma or Mixa or a cleansing gel by Vichy after showering to make sure that my skin is completely clean to kick off the day. For the under-eye area I've switched my usual Nuxe's Crème Prodigieuse for pure avocado oil by Melvita, a leading brand in the field of French organic cosmetology. It takes a minute to massage it into the skin but is worth its moisturizing and smoothing properties! 

To make up for my dehydrated skin Clarins' Daily Energizer Cream is one of my best purchases in terms of day cream. Specially formulated for young skins it provides a healthy looking, radiant complexion thanks to its radiant boosters (including vitamin C). Its texture is very light, non-oily and rapidly penetrates into the skin along with an imperceptible delicate exotic fragrance. What makes it so good is that it is non-comedogenic, which means the formula doesn't clog up your pores. A look at my fresh healthy glow in the mirror is also a good way to perk up my morning mood.

Evening pamper 🌙

My evening routine starts with taking my makeup off with micellar water or The Body Shop's camomille oil and cleansing gel by Vichy. Twice a week I will use my new mask by Sanoflore, a organic French brand I've been loving for the past two weeks and that I'll love for the ones to come. Called the Masque des Reines (Mask of Queens), it is a skin perfecting gel mask which immediately illuminates my skin after 10 minutes. It is composed of organic Helianthus oil, Ericacea berries and regenerating royal jelly. Its gel texture is very light on the skin and is absorbed quite rapidly - when I need to rinse the product off my face I don't even get the impression there is anything to take off actually. It appears to be a great illuminating and energizing cocktail for the skin which quenches sensitive areas (love it).

When it comes to blemishes, mine are particularly caused by stress (and probably too much cheese). I had been recommended Sanoflore's Aqua magnifica and I finally understand why. This skin perfecting botanical essence is really efficient when it comes to liberating impurities and oxygenating the skin, and promises a perfect blemish-free skin. Plus its peppermint fragrance leaves an impression of absolute cleanliness - so strong that if I use the lotion to prevent blemishes I would use it every other day so that it doesn't dry my skin. I apply it on a cotton pad and then use it on my T-zone. 

After five minutes or so I would apply a night cream. But for the first time I have chosen to switch to an organic oil instead - although it is better to use it as a complement to a night cream, I find it to use it alone also works very well for me. Hazelnut oil is specially recommended for combination, dry and sensitive skin altogether to control redness and sebum (aka my miracle in a bottle). I massage it into the skin that absorbs it really rapidly. I've been using it for a week now and I can say I will definitely go more often for natural organic oils to take care of my skin!

Reaching a balance in skincare when it comes to dealing with both sensitive and blemished skin is obtained through working with high quality products on different areas of the face, avoiding overtreating breakouts with harsh ingredients and then placating your skin with pore-clogging creams that are way too rich. It's really tricky sometimes to pick the right beauty products by I am quite satisfied with the routine I've built up for now! Don't hesitate to share your tips if you have any :)

(Here is a great article by outlining the ingredients you should avoid using according to your skin type.)


  1. Such a lovely post - I really like seeing different products for the various skin types especially when it comes to blemished skin! A lot of people tend to suffer and I went through a phase where products irritated my skin but luckily have found the right products! :)

    Layla xx

    1. thank you! exactly it's quite tricky sometimes to find products that suit your skin perfectly and when you do find them it's always a relief in a way :) x


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