Daring & Elegance ∙ Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Review

You may wonder why I am outlining a review of Miss Dior now since the original perfume was created in 1947. Maybe because I would like to expand upon the perfume I've been wearing for so long in my young 24 year-old life, to the extent that it has become by far my favourite of the tiny collection I own (composed of my summery cologne by Jo Malone and Coco Mademoiselle when in need of extra confidence). More importantly, it recently struck me how modern the scent and its spirit is.

Over the years the formula of Miss Dior has been revisited, some notes being added to the detriment of others. Even the name changed from Miss Dior Chérie back to Miss Dior. If some regret that the maison Dior didn't go for a whole new perfume instead of altering the notes of the original fragrance, I've always liked wearing it (although I have to admit the sweeter tone of Miss Dior Chérie will be missed). I tend to prefer wearing the Eau de Parfum to the Eau de Toilette as the essence of perfume lasts longer on the skin.

Miss Dior has the particularity of bringing out a timeless chic to women who wear it whilst keeping up an insolent note drifting in the air - which I consider perfectly personified in the character played by Natalie Portman in the commercials. Romantic and genuine in a flowery pink dress whilst not confessing it, audacious and daring in a black strapless one. The bold and elegant duo is found in a chypre floral fragrance, when normally chypre and floral are two distinct families.

Top notes: Sicilian mandarin and blood orange, bringing audacity and energy.
 Heart notes: Grasse rose and Grandiflorum jasmine. Romantic florals.  
 Base notes: Indonesian patchouli, giving sensuality and sophistication. 

What I love most about Miss Dior really is that it reveals who I am - I have found a perfume which has suited my personality for many years without failing me ever. Disclosing bits of you through a fragrance is somehow magical (or is my obsession for this perfume way too serious?). There are variations such as the new Blooming Bouquet but for now, not one has proved to do the job better than this beloved scent. I love it. I actually feel naked without it. And to prove that I am not the only one getting all poetic and flowery, here are the words of the perfumer.

« Chypre is the perfume archetype. It is a special accord that fits its own framework but allows itself a good deal of freedom. Like Miss Dior, in a way… »   François Demachy


  1. Il faudrait que j'aille le sentir à nouveau celui-ci... Dans mes souvenirs, il est très floral et féminin :)
    J'ai fait un article sur la maison Dior, et en effet, ca a été toute une histoire quant aux noms de Miss Dior, Miss Dior Chérie et toutes les déclinaisons !!

    Chouette article en tout cas :)

    Baisers parfumés,

    Alice - www.perfumetheworld.com

    1. Merci beaucoup Alice ! Je vais voir ton article sur la maison Dior tout de suite :)

  2. Seeing what the notes of this are I can tell why this used to be my favourite perfume, I mean Sicilian mandarin and blood orange sounds like such a nice combo doesn't it? Although it kind of sounds like a combo that would be nice to eat too? haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  3. The heart and base notes of Miss Dior makes this perfume very pleasant long lasting though a lot of changes had happened with the notes of this perfume. I bought one for my wife from a local store like Buy Perfume in Bangladesh last year. Thanks for sharing this review.

  4. I completely agree. Thank you !

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  6. I've always liked wearing miss Dior Eau de perfume, but I don't know, is it unisex? It does not matter, I think it's just a marketing policy. When I decided to buy perfume online I have just go to the groomingwise and read the perfume and cologne reviews and select, that's it.

    1. Hi Lucas, Miss Dior is definitely targeted at women but who cares? If you like it wear it: there are so many women wearing men's perfumes, why wouldn't it work the other way around? x


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