Trends I Shopped in the Sales

This past year the fashion industry has been all about reinventing the 90s - it's even more striking when you find yourself liking what a character wears in a film of the same time period (who knew Monica rocked her outfits so well?). As a result winter sales are full of the up-to-date version. And as usual, I try to shop what can last at long one or two additional years in terms of trends or timeless pieces to make my wardrobe more sustainable.

Ruffles + High-Waisted Stone Jeans

Although I may look like a flamenco dancer to outsiders, this white cotton top with two overlapping sleeves from a local shop is great to add sophistication to simple outfits (similar here). The thickness of the fabric makes up for its cropped cut and keeps me warm. Beautifully created basics can really work wonders... When it comes to high-waisted jeans, I finally took the plunge and ruled out another skinny jeans purchase for a straight cut in a stone shade, ripped at one knee. Stepping out of my confort zone is definitely liberating. I complete the outfit with mid-heel boots and all done!

Bell sleeves + Coated Trousers

I was on the lookout for an airy blouse with bell sleeves and small ruffles on the cuffs. I finally found this beautiful printed black one with a V-neck neckline - love at first sight - perfect transition to spring and also ideal for a carefree and warm summer evening (similar here). However for the moment winter is still upon us and I enjoy wearing it with my new coated trousers (okay they were not in the sales but who does stick to sales anyway?) and camel chelsea boots. From day to night: I switch shoes and that's pretty much about it. Plus red lipstick of course.

French text print, pink sweatshirt

Text print shirts have been a thing basically for ever. Messages in English on shirts sold in France, and messages in French (usually with horrendous grammatical mistakes) on shirts sold in the UK. Well as I came to live in both countries recently, I noticed the trend was reversing. I found French words on a pink sweatshirt sold in France. "En français s'il vous plaît. In French please." It instantly reminded me of Constance Jablonski in Rome for VOGUE. As a piece of clothing already steeped in my own memories, I couldn't resist.

Velvet body.

Velvet has also been everywhere over the past year - I'm still obsessed with my dark blue velvety lingerie-like top from Zara's winter 2016 collection. After approximatively 10 seconds of reflection on Zara's (again) website on the first morning of the sales (morning meaning 00:15) I decided to go for their velvet body in an old pink shade. Whether it be for layering in winter or pairing it with denim jeans or shorts in spring/summer, the sheen and the softness of the fabric is always a good idea.

I also had random purchases such as a black beanie not to die in Brussels' last snow storm or a classic blue shirt with bell sleeves - maybe they'll feature on the blog soon. I hope you had a good time shopping in the sales if you could! x


  1. I feel like I take some trends and leave others, but bell sleeves I love! My only thing is that they look so impractical? I feel like I'd accidentally dip my sleeves into my food all the time haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. It's always about style rather than trends at the end of the day! Ahah it hasn't happened to me yet but I'll keep you posted x

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