Stripes & Crepes in Rennes

When I realised I had travelled more in the UK than in my own country, I decided to take action and hold some time to explore France more. Although Paris is obviously a classic there is so much more to visit - after Strasbourg and Toulouse, it was time for me to spend a few days in Rennes, capital of Brittany. Did I expect the clichés of stripes and crepes? Not really, but I got plenty of them as the number of striped jersey per square metre exploded (for my greatest pleasure).

Strolling the streets of the old Rennes and its stones steeped in history for three days was incredibly pleasant. The city center has the perfect size. Not too small to welcome all types of accommodation a city requires but not too big to remain walkable - along the banks of the river Vilaine, from the Place de la République to the lovely Sainte-Anne neighbourhood, by the Place de la Mairie and Place des Lices. The Palace Saint-Georges offers a great architecture and gardens and is really nice to stop by. All in all, I think the northern part of Rennes is one of the most charming locations I've had the chance to roam about and a must see if you venture to visit the north-east part of France. Whether it is to sip a coffee, relishing a salted caramel crêpe or putting your hands on special souvenirs, here are three places which made my trip enticing! 

Crêpe at Crêperie Sainte-Anne

As you probably know, Brittany's well-known specialty is crêpe. A crêpe is inherently sweet whilst the salty version is called a galette because the flour used to make them is different. Another specialty is the caramel au beurre salé (salted caramel), so I went for a salted caramel crepe and wasn't disappointed as it was the tastiest I've ever tried. To make up for the sweetness I asked for Britton cider, which they drink in a bolée (little bowl). I particularly enjoyed the traditional atmosphere of the crêperie where you can cast a glance over the open kitchen. 
Crêperie Sainte-Anne, 5 Place Sainte-Anne, 35000 Rennes

Shopping at Bazar Rose

Rennes flourishes with independent boutiques, especially in the old town. If Mégane walked me into many of them, one held my attention in particular. I was actually over the moon with Bazar Rose's woody interiors, handmade jewellery and quality items such as bags and stationery. I couldn't resist to a dainty bracelet made of a light pink stone, thin deep grey cotton strap and minimalist golden ties.
Bazar Rose, 1 rue Rallier du Baty, 35000 Rennes

Coffee at Bar Saint Germain

Saint Germain is a friendly café I dawdled over at with Claire. Located near the Saint Germain church, it is the perfect place to unwind after you trotted around the city all day. Funny detail: instead of the regular Spéculoos biscuit you get with your coffee in France, in Brittany you get a little galette biscuit! 
Le Saint Germain, 9 Place Saint Germain, 35000 Rennes

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