Little Ordinary Moments of Happiness

Last November I walked into a Roman library to purchase a book I could improve my Italian with. It had to be relatively short, not too complicated to understand and of course I had to be captivated from what I read on the back cover. He recommended Momenti di Trascurabile Felicità by Francesco Piccolo, and got me convinced. As soon as I perused the first words along its pages I became completely smitten; I knew it was the kind of book you wish you’d never finish because it is this good

It simply gathers small stories and novellas, all about happy moments which are so obvious you never think about telling anyone without apprehending sounding a little bit naive. I fell in love with the simplicity of the concept. Something is really touching about it, almost intimate. There's apparently a French version by Delerm called La Première Gorgée de Bière that I can't wait to put my hands on too! 

Anyway - it has become one of my favourite books, and I thought I could start jotting down my own moments.

  • when I can steal a view upon the city at sunset
  • when I excel at farniente-ing
  • when I strolled out of Massimo Dutti with a packet in hand
  • the independent shops in Monti
  • when I went to Fondi at the beach and all I ate was mozzarella
  • when I think the day is done and dusted and somebody calls to do l’aperitivo
  • when the night comes and that I can actually just do nothing at home and sit back to watch a film from the 50s
  • when I chill with Alexia on her rooftop terrace in Trastevere eating the best carbonara of my life and complaining like decent French people about the fact that we can hardly see the stars as there's too much light emanating from the city
  • when I get myself convinced this summer is never going to end
  • when I rush into the tube station and the metro arrives thirty seconds later
  • when my room is cooler than outside 
  • pizza margherita, pizza caprese, pizza con mozzarella di buffala, pizza con patate
  • when Sergio the old waiter round the corner shouts out buongiorno Margaux! across the street as if I had always belonged here
  • when I can finally order breakfast at a bar without being answered at in English
  • when I forget I have absolutely no room available in my luggage for the return flight god knows when and embark upon a shopping trip 
  • when I return empty-handed from the shopping trip and congratulate myself for the effort, plus I have no room remember?
  • when I grab a piadina for lunch
  • whenever I note a pot of fresh basil costs around 80 cents
  • when my half-British half-Italian flatmate teaches me how to improve my pasta al sugo 
  • the first sip of fresh water at home after spending hours under 35 degrees and a burning sun
  • when peddles don’t even look at me (wearing jeans) and focus on selling selfie sticks and straw hats to tourists (wearing shorts)
  • when I realise I wake up in Rome every morning
  • a hazelnut and fior di latte gelato with panna that doesn't melt before you can take a picture for Instagram (never happens in reality. Get all the paper napkins)
  • when I get overwhelmed by the beauty of the city
  • when I order breakfast at the bar and stroll back home fetching a newspaper
  • when I cross confidently on zebra crossings in the middle of intense traffic and cars stop under the eyes of dumbstruck tourists who were desperately waiting for help
  • when I manage to ignore the fact that I'm just another tourist 
What are yours? :)


  1. Love this post Margaux! I couldn't help but laugh at "when I can finally order breakfast at a bar without being answered at in English" haha - I can relate to that one so much as everyone would instantly know that I was a foreigner when I lived in Spain last year! The little ordinary moments, as you call them, are the best. It makes you want to enjoy and cherish the little things in life :)

    Flora x

    1. Thank you Flora, I can completely relate to your Spanish experience then, so annoying when you're trying to learn a foreign language! x

  2. Amazing little moments of happiness!

  3. This is such a cool way to see things and I feel like if we all collected our days and looked at them like this we'd be so much happier at the end of them!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I think so too! Actually it's not a bad idea to keep a diary of happy moments so we can have a peek whenever we feel down.

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