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As you’ve probably noticed on my Instagram or my previous post on influencers (here), I’ve been smitten by Jeanne Damas for more than a year now. Her fashion sense and lifestyle in Paris have became an obvious stream of inspiration to me. There is just something about them - maybe the fact than she seems able to recreate a Paris from the 70s than doesn’t exist anymore, enhancing the idea of a perfect city exuding la joie de vivre à la française, wine and trips to Bretagne included - I can’t help but feeling drawn to what she wants to share through Rouje, the brand she launched not so long ago. Ah yes. Her perfectly-tousled bed hair and insouciant sophistication.

So when a friend of mine let me know there was a collaboration project going on between her and My Little Box (officially confirmed on her Instagram story) I didn’t think about it twice, also because I had already experienced two boxes I was happy about (you can read about what I thought of them and learn more about the concept of the boxes here and here). I ordered the September special edition as a flash. As September is also my birthday month, the box came as a gift to myself and fortunately I was very satisfied with the content of it. 


Although taking off the ribbon wrapping the content of the box and discovering all the products one by one is a pleasure in itself, I was genuinely pleased with what came inside. Starting with: a cotton white tee by Rouje x My Little Box that fits me perfectly and that I’m already in love with, very comfortable to wear and that I hope will last me a long time. I always enjoy hoarding simple yet essential pieces, so kicking off with this tee is a good way to switch to my wardrobe to autumn mode (can’t wait to be able to put my hands on a check blazer to complete the outfit).

Then come a few leaflets and a thin magazine which includes interviews and Parisian thingy things, as well as a card displaying a clear-eyed Jeanne Damas wearing the aforementioned tee-shirt while drinking a cup of coffee in a café. Below the pile of paper lies a very cute red paper bag, Bons baisers de Jeanne, in which you can find three beauty products. 

The first one is a detangling and colour-protecting conditioner called Crème de soin à l’Amarante by Leonor Greyl: I dyed my hair blonder a week ago so I couldn’t be happier to receive this haircare product, full of oils, proteins and vegetal ceramides that make my hair incredibly soft. The scent is also very pleasant.

The second one is a black gel eye crayon by Marc Jacobs (shade 42 Blacquer). Although it is quite small in size I reckon it would be difficult to finish it because you don’t need much product on your eyes with this one. It is incredibly pigmented, long-lasting and soft to apply; no need to tell to what extent this brand makes high-quality makeup. Also perfect to slip it in your handbag in case.

I kept the last one for the end, my favourite: the Rouge Rouje lipstick. The tinged-with-red-kisses off-white funny packaging won over my heart, and the shade that comes inside is beautiful. Similar to MAC’s Ruby Woo that already lies around my makeup stash, it is however not exactly the same red colour, very slightly verging onto a raspberry tint. The formula is fortunately not as drying. Actually to do it à la Damas, apply a lip balm first and then tap a bit of red onto your moisturised lips in order to obtain her blurry innocent yet sexy lip look. I’m definitely going to get a lot of wear out of it (when wearing the white tee, got it?). 

Overall if some people had recently complained about the quantity of products of the previous boxes, I always grant more attention to their quality rather to their quantity and this time I am not disappointed. Between the tee (normally 35€), the haircare product (57€ for 150ml), the eye crayon  (20,90€ for 0.5g) and the lipstick (13€), this 16,90€ box is worth the hype and now takes centre stage on my window sill. If you fancy receiving a box in your letterbox next month have a look at - it's a French brand but they may be delivering to your country!

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