Breakfast at Montmartre

On a fine Parisian day in the 18th arrondissement last month, Ophélie and I decided to treat ourselves with a couple of photos and an astounding view over Paris from the Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre. It didn't really feel like autumn - the sun was shining and the air way too warm for October. In fact the only thing that was reminiscent of a chillier time was my outfit.

I found this orangey ochre wrap-over top in a small boutique of my French town and fell for it: it's not monochromatic, it's a shape that I'm not used to wearing and the warmth of the fabric makes for the low-cut neckline. What else? Obviously as I was just passing by Paris I didn't have my all wardrobe with me, so I simply paired it with black jeans and my white Converse trainers (ditch any king of heels if you fancy climbing up your way to Montmartre by the way). The combo may be simple but works every time when you're visiting and walking a lot.

Back to my time with Ophélie, we admired the view a little bit and walked down the stairs in front of the Sacré-Coeur to choose a café where to sit at. Le Studio Café seemed both touristy and very nice so we decided to take the plunge and take the risk to eat croissants made of plastic. Fun fact, we ordered breakfast at 11:55 with a luring smile because from midday only lunch could be offered and eventually drooled over what I wasn't expecting: fresh croissants, half a baguette, jam, fresh orange juice and tasty cappuccinos. For 7€ per person we even got to laugh with the waiter.

This little improvised breakfast reminded me of the importance of sitting back and chatting with a good friend to catch up between two bites. Living abroad has made me become addicted to phone calls, texts and Skype sessions; but seeing people face to face is obviously completely different. No need to go to the other side of the city to visit the last exhibition or anything else. Just go to a nice coffee place when you can speak your heart out and listen. There are alternatives to the breakfast in Montmartre, although the view may not be as extraordinary: sitting on a comfy pillow on the floor while eating pasta and drinking red or white wine can cheer you up just as fine :)

Ps: another post on my fascination for Paris is up here!

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