Enjoying The Little Things

Here I am, writing a blog post on a Sunday evening after a lively weekend to talk you through a life reflection that just popped up - or rather, something which has unconsciously guided me through life and that I had never put into words (until now).

This one is not going to take much time to bring out, first because you've already read the title of the post, and second because it is quite simple to comprehend really. This weekend made me realise how important it is to enjoy the little things life puts on our way, whatever obstacles or difficulties we can experience, in order to keep our chin high and retain that little strand of optimism alive at all times.

When life gets hard - and by hard I mean whatever it means for any of us, money problems, heart issues, work overload - I find it quite useful to infuse some positivity in our daily life. The main challenge here would be to find what makes our daily life more enticing, as a way to enable us to put things into perspective, but I do think it's worth it. At some point, you may even realise that bettering your daily life betters your life in general (another incredibly difficult issue to tackle: to stop waiting for the weekend, our next payroll or our next holidays) and give you enough strength to overcome the aforementioned obstacles.

For me, it's taking some time in the morning to laze about in my soft white bathrobe, drinking coffee or tea in bed, reading the last magazine or newspapers I purchased at the newsstand the day before, having a stroll around my Roman neighbourhood or come up with an impromptu aperitivo after a long day at work. Of course it's not going to change the fact that I hardly have anything left on my bank account at the end of this month, or that I will feel down at some point for whatever the reason (and that's okay), but they're going to help brighten my days a little bit and ease me into the right mood to transform daily struggles into insignificant details.

That's it for this little Sunday reflection - if you fancy reading another post, here's one compiling on ordinary moments of happiness. Until the next one!


  1. Loved this post and I love this way of thinking as well, it's something I always try and do. I often in the morning will find little things to look forward to throughout my day and it just makes the whole day so much better no matter what :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thank you! Optimism is key I'm quite convinced of it :)


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