Bring It On, 2020

in Naples, Italy
It’s happening! After months and months of pondering upon the matter, I am finally resuming blogging on this little corner of internet. It took me a lot of thinking of where I wanted to go with it, and after a while I put my finger on it and eventually decided to take the leap. New year, new blog, right? So please welcome bonjour white 2.0 – I have implemented a new design and new blog categories. If you wish to learn a bit more, you can click here to pop by my ‘about’ section.

Alongside this great announcement, I thought I would write on what 2020 has in stock – and more importantly on what we need to do to explore its full potential. It is this time of the year again – when you take resolutions that you will never truly stick to after a couple of weeks or better, when you actually reflect on the past 365 days to see what went well and what didn’t. Usually I can easily tell you which way it went; this time my 2019 was a fine line to walk on, being made of 6 months off and 6 months on. Closing the chapter with an amazing weekend in Naples.

Instead of coming up with random resolutions, I thought I would pick up what worked for me best this year and apply it overall. Make promises to myself instead, in order to make the most of the upcoming year. (I mean, according to Vogue Italia Virgos are to have a millesimal time ahead so it shouldn’t be difficult.)

Galleria Umberto I, Naples - @bonjourwhite

New year, same you

We all have flaws or bibs and bobs in us we would like to improve or change. But what if we were enough, already? If you feel you are not, then try to look and see why. Please do set yourself goals – quit smoking, exercise more, etc. – but keep the other 99% that make you who you truly are. Do not let anyone convince you that you are not good enough and need to overhaul your entire life. Most of the time, the person we need to convince the most is ourselves. I feel like the community is more and more understanding that self-love and the feeling of being worthy might be the key to happiness. 

Good mind, good vibes

This year I’ve particularly learnt the value of self-discipline when it comes to limiting bad vibes into my life. I truly believe that being happy starts with yourself, not the situation you are in. Although life can get hard and we’re allowed to feel low, eventually I thrive to get back to a more optimistic state of mind. I can remember watching the Netflix documentary HEAL and realising how negative I was sometimes. To the extent that it affected my health (independently from the stress that comes up at work) and how ill I was getting. In my case, I was strongly affected by the transition from Rome to Brussels; a lukewarm city where I only sought professional progress and was unable to see the bright side. Well when I chose to finally open myself fully to the opportunities the city had to offer, among others great friendships, I discovered things from a whole other perspective. Also, just like a lot of people this year I cut off toxic relationships and opened up to new, healthy ones. The people you invest your time in has an enormous impact on your well-being, whether it is on the positive or on the negative side.

Look for what drives you

In between the indulgences of the festive season, I realised how quickly time passes by. Not in a daunting way though. I just feel like I now comprehend what this statement implies: as we get older and more experienced we are not completely aware, I think, of the power we have in our hands over our own life and career. I am 27 and I feel good, confident about what the future has to offer this year – and at the same time very much aware that I’ll be the driver of change of my own life. (Apologies for sounding like a bad motivational book though). Just tell yourself you don’t need to be in a permanent waiting state to reach your objectives. Get out, find what makes you tick, live your life, be happy, don’t hold back.

Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, Naples - @bonjourwhite

At the end of the day, I live for these moments which make your heart pound; those which make yourself gape in awe, realise how lucky you are or how simple happiness can be. In a way, no real resolution needed. I’d like to dedicate 2020 to these moments. My biggest wish this year would be to travel as much for them to multiply, put myself on the path to an eventful year inasmuch as being as serene as possible. What would yours be?

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